Tech News! Filipino Reveals Patent for Solar Powered Drone

Drones are taking flight in Philippine skies faster than we can imagine. In the Philippines, retired businessman, Victor Yam, has recently filed a patent for a solar powered drone.

Yam believes a solar powered drone will be a game changer in the Philippine industry. According to Yam, his patented design solar powered drone includes helium balloons that will make it lighter and more capable of carrying small items for delivery.

“The drone will be weightless and can carry additional document or packages during its flight,” Yam said.

With solar panels, the drones will be able to maintain flight for an extended period of time. Because of this, Yam envisions a future where drones will have high-powered cameras to act as surveillance systems and improve on parcel delivery in the country.

What Yam is looking for right now are interested investors to develop the solar powered drones.

“I am just a simple Filipino senior citizen,” Yam said. “To market this invention worldwide needs a lot of capital.”

Victor Yam is a retired businessman who went into trading and exporting seafood. It was during his operations in Palawan, Aurora, and Basilan Islands, where Yam realized that improvements could be made on delivery transport in the country. He has filed patents for other solar powered vehicles, which can be found in the internet called as “solar powered floatation device.”

Interested parties may contact Victor Yam through his business email:  [email protected]

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