Find YOUR Niche and SUCCESS Will Find YOU

Find YOUR niche and YOUR success will find You!

niche – a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.
  • niche – your calling
  • niche – your specialization
  • niche – your passion

I was writing a simple post for Facebook and as usual, my passion is ignited and I began thinking about what I have achieved in life. From my personal accomplishments to my professional triumphs. Along with those same thoughts, the memories of disappointments and dismal failures also creep into my thoughts. We hear all sorts of motivational cliche’s such as “what doesn’t kill you makes you better” or “if you’re not failing, you’re not doing anything”. They are cliche’s because they are true and I have spoken all of them myself to my “would be” students. One of my personal motivational statements has been to “Pursue your passion above all else, and ALL ELSE will fall in to it’s proper place”.

You might ask, what is this “all else”? And I am simply talking about your work,  life, your friends, even your mate. By following your passion first, you will naturally align with people who share in your passion, will support you, will partner with you, and will encourage and challenge you until you find your niche, or your destiny.

As I was writing this little Facebook post, all of a sudden the statement came to me from somewhere in my soul that if we find our niche, then our success will find us! Whoa! Wait! Did I come up with that on my own? Surely I have heard someone else say that! Haha! I even went so far as to google the statement, “Find Your Niche and Your Success Will Find You” and to my surprise, I did not find this statement to be published anywhere. Who cares, right? Well, for me, in that moment, I found myself to be completely moved and inspired by the thought. How true is it?! If I have been telling people to pursue your passions first, then how true is it that by pursuing our passions, we find our niche and then success finds us.

When I began this venture into writing blogs in the drone industry, it was born out of life circumstances, and I knew I had much to offer from my experiences, discoveries to offer other people that might be trying to develop their passion for drones and droning into a form of income. Whether a side-gig, or a full-time job, I can offer what I have learned along the way to give them a boost in their endeavors.

So getting back to the “Find Your Niche” thing, I really began putting some thought to how I might bring this to my audience, how it might be helpful or at the very least, encouraging. One thing I have found with running my Gale-Force Drone business, is that for the most part, my clients have found me. Of course I am a natural born “sales guy”, although ironically, I do not necessarily enjoy sales. I prefer performing my work with passion and excellence and letting my product do the selling for me. Now, PLEASE do not interpret me to say that I do not pro-actively pursue business, because I absolutely do and I do it every day. Another one of my “sayings” is that we are “ALWAYS SELLING”. Whether we are talking to our spouse about buying a new drone, or talking to a walker-up on a drone shoot, we are always selling. In the same manner, by delivering the most excellent product possible, this is a powerful sales strategy. And if this is our passion, our niche, then it is natural to always want to deliver excellence, thus our business will grow organically, and the proverbial “Your Success Will Find You” thing happens!

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